About Us

Berriewood Farm is situated seven miles south of Shrewsbury. It covers over 100 acres of farmland, which has been in the Lock family for over 150 years. 

Horses have always played an important part in the family business. W J Lock bred and showed quality hunters and produced point to pointers from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. From 1968 the Hunter Improvement Society Stallions for Shropshire stood at Berriewood. The breeding side was gradually phased out in the late 1970’s and the emphasis moved to riding instruction.
The Riding School opened in 1980, principally teaching riding lessons to children. Facilities have expanded over the years and now include two outdoor surfaces, an indoor school, lecture rooms and cross country courses. 

Today, the main business focusses on the provision of high quality facilities for all riding disciplines. We host several excellent freelance instructors and run various competitions throughout the year, including unaffiliated dressage and our annual BE Horse Trials. We also provide facilities for numerous riding camps. 

The Rea Valley Riding for the Disabled groups meet here regularly. 

From left to right:
Mrs Louise Richards (Partner)
Miss Cathy Cowdy (Partner)
Dr Lottie Cowdy (Partner)
Mrs Penny Cowdy (Managing Partner)
Mr Peter Cowdy